My Preferences (For Dependencies and Hourly Estimation)

TeamGantt enables you to control how certain task, dependency, and hourly estimation actions are handled. Simply click the Menu drop-down within your project, and select My Preferences to manage your preferences. 

Let's take a closer look at how each preference option works. 

Add tasks directly below above task

This preference determines how TeamGantt handles the addition of new tasks to your gantt chart.

  • If the box is checked: A new taskbar will be added to the gantt chart just below the previous task with the same date(s) and duration as the task above it.
  • If the box is unchecked: A new taskbar will be created with no dates assigned. Click on the gantt chart below the task start date to place your taskbar and adjust the duration. 

Please note: If hourly scheduling is enabled, all tasks are added without dates. To disable hourly scheduling, go to Menu > Project Settings > Enable Hours > No.

Remove slack when dragging

When checked, this option eliminates any slack space between dependent tasks as the parent task is moved. This makes rescheduling a snap if you have a sequence of tasks that should occur right after another without any gap in between. 

For example, if a task finishes several days early, moving up its finish date will move the dependent tasks up so they can start sooner. And because they were rescheduled via the dependency, the people assigned to the dependent tasks will get notified and see the rescheduled tasks on their My Tasks page.

Hourly scheduling

When estimated hours are enabled, this setting allows you to choose whether or not the total number of hours will increase when you extend the duration of a task. 

You have 3 options for this setting:

  • Ask
  • Automatically adjust total hours
  • Leave total hours intact

Let's say you estimate 12 hours for a task with a 3-day duration. That breaks down to an estimated 4 hours per day. If you choose to adjust hours with the duration of the task and then extend the task's duration to 5 days, TeamGantt will add another 4-hour increment to each additional day. That brings the new total estimated hours to 20. 

For more information on hourly estimation, please visit here.

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