Manager, Collaborator, and Label Defined

What is a Manager?

A manager is any individual invited to the TeamGantt account by email address and designated with manager permission. On the pro, lite, and enterprise plans, managers count as paid users.  The benefits of inviting an individual as a manager include: 

  • Create projects 
  • Invite collaborators
  • Configure project settings
  • Add, name, schedule and edit tasks 
  • Optional account admin status to manager billing and add/remove managers

If you're a manager and want to see an accurate count of users within your account, go to: Account Settings (from the circle icon at the upper right-hand corner of TeamGantt) > Manage People. 

In the example below, you can see this account has four paid managers. 

Tip: Need help inviting users to a project? Read Inviting People.

What is a Collaborator?

Collaborators are free users that can be invited to your projects. Benefits include:

  • No limit on how many projects they can be invited to
  • Able to update % completion for tasks they are assigned to
  • Able to update checklist items for tasks they are assigned to
  • Able to comment and upload/download documentation
  • Can track time to tasks
  • Receive notifications and comment mentions 

The lite plan allows 5 collaborators per manager license. The pro plan allows unlimited collaborators. 

If you're a manager and want to see an accurate count of collaborators within your account, go to:  Account Settings (from the circle icon at the upper right-hand corner of TeamGantt) > Manage People. 

What is a label?

A label (formerly known as a 'resource') is a tag added to projects for organizational or scheduling purposes. Here are just a few ways you can use labels to tag tasks in your projects:

  • Team/department responsible (Example: Marketing team)
  • Job role responsible (Example: Web designer)
  • Freelance/contract resource responsible (Example: Freelance writer)
  • Client/company name that the task pertains to (Example: Acme Inc.)
  • Project phase or sprint that the task belongs to (Example: Design phase)
  • Priority level of a task (Example: Urgent)

Unlike a user, a label used in place of a person (i.e., Web designer) will not have access to the project in TeamGantt. And since a label isn't associated with an email address, it also won't receive email notifications.

To view existing labels or to add a label to your project, simply go to the People tab > Labels:

All paid subscription plans allow you to add an unlimited number of labels to your projects!

Want to learn more about users and labels? Check out the links below!

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