As your project grows, you may want to customize your view to see certain tasks. In TeamGantt, you can do this by using the filters located at the top of your project. 

The Everyone drop-down enables you to filter the project by user or label. It also allows you to limit your view to unassigned tasks only: The Dates filter gives you several options for customizing your task view. You can choose to filter tasks based on when they're either starting or due. You can also filter tasks by status—in progress, overdue, completed, or not scheduled. If you only want to see milestones, there's a filter for that too! The Colors drop-down enables you to filter the project based on the color assigned to the task: Check the Hide Completed box to hide tasks and milestones you've already knocked out from view. A completed item is a task marked at 100% complete or a milestone that's been checked off. 

Simply uncheck the Hide Completed box to bring all your tasks and milestones back into view again!

You'll know a filter is applied to your project when the filter drop-down color changes. You'll also see a prompt explaining how many tasks are hidden from view: To clear all applied filters in a single click, simply select  (x) Clear:

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