Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here some common questions that may pop up as you use TeamGantt: 

How do I save my data? 

TeamGantt saves changes to your project as you go. Each time you update a project—whether adding new tasks or adjusting the percent complete—your data is automatically saved and ready for you next time you log in. 

How can I reset my password?

Resetting your password is simple! Visit the login page and click Forgot Password.

Enter the email address you use to log into TeamGantt, and click Reset Password. An email will be sent to you with instructions on how to reset your password. Please note: Your password will not update until you complete the steps in the email.

If you have trouble resetting your password, please email using the email address associated with your account. 

How can I translate TeamGantt to my language? 

You can enter project and task details in any language in TeamGantt to ensure clear communication with your team. However, we only offer our software in English. 

If you'd like to see the menus and other text on TeamGantt in another language, your best option is to use Google Chrome's live translate feature. You can find out more by visiting: Translate a page to your language.

We hope to add a native translation option in the future!

How do I set a project start and end date?

There's no option for formally setting a start and end date for your project. A project's start date is simply wherever the first task is scheduled to begin. The end date is where the last task is scheduled to end. 

If you'd like to call attention to important dates, like a project's kickoff or finally delivery, we recommend using milestones.  

Read more about start and end dates here

How do I share or export my project? 

Right now we support a few different options: 

How do I duplicate a project?

We support both duplicating projects and saving an existing project as a template and then using it to create a new project. We typically advise that you try the latter option because it will allow you more flexibility during the setup process for the new project, such as choosing a different start date for the project.  

How do I remove users from my project/account? 

To remove a user from a project, you must be a manager on the project. Go to the People page at the top of your project, and hover over the user that you wish to remove and select the "X" that appears next to their name. Confirm removal by selecting the "Yes, remove" option. 

To remove a user from the account, you must be a manager. Go to Account Settings (from your circular profile icon at the upper right) > Manage People and then select the Delete option next to the user that you wish to remove. 

Read more about account and project level permissions here

Can I open more than 1 project at once?

Yes! To open more than one project (while within a project):

  1. Go to Menu > Open Projects
  2. Select the projects you want to open, and they'll automatically be added to your gantt chart. 

Here's more on opening multiple projects at once

How can I change the date format? 

Don't want to use the standard US format of MM/DD/YY? No problem! We support several different date formats.

To change the date format, go to the View drop-down located at the upper left side of your gantt chart. Then, select Date format to see all of the options. 

Here's more on all of the different ways you can adjust the view of your project

How can I show my project in a format other than days (i.e. weeks or months)?

Currently, we support a daily format and a weekly format in Gantt view. Both formats allow for several zoom levels, depending on how much of your chart you wish to see at once. 

The zoom options are located under the View drop-down (as well as in the top right of the chart via the Zoom drop-down). The default is Day View at 100%.

How do I add weekend days to the Gantt chart?

To change the days of the week in your project, navigate to Menu (upper left side of chart) > Project Settings and select the "Days in Week" (on the right side of the window). 

Here's more on selecting the days of the week for your project

How do I show critical path?

Currently, we don't offer a critical path feature.

How do I set recurring tasks? 

Currently, we don't directly support recurring tasks. However, we do have suggestion for a workaround here.

How do I cancel my account? 

If you're a manager with account admin status, you can cancel the account by going to Account Settings (via your circular profile icon in the upper right) > Subscription: Cancel. 

There are 2 options - (1) Placing your account on hold for $5/month or (2) Canceling outright. If you choose to cancel outright, your subscription will be canceled and your project data will be deleted at the end of your subscription term. 

How do I add more users to my subscription?

As a manager with account admin status, to add more users, you can either invite them directly to a project or invite them to the account so that they're available to be added within projects.

Read more about account and project level permissions here

How do I update user permissions? 

To update a person's permission on the account, go to Account Settings > Manage People. Read more about permission levels here. (Note: You must be a manager with account admin status to do this.)

How to do I sync TeamGantt with another tool?

There are several different ways to sync TeamGantt data externally:

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