Project Start and End Dates

Looking to indicate where your project starts and ends? Here's how!

Setting start and end dates

There's no option for formally setting a start and end date for your project. A project's start date is simply wherever the first task is scheduled to begin. The end date is where the last task is scheduled to end. 

If you'd like to call attention to important dates, like a project's kickoff or finally delivery, we recommend using milestones.  

Choosing a date for the timeline to begin  

The first time you create a project, a couple of extra months will be immediately available at the front of your timeline. There is no way to delete extra months from your timeline, but don't worry! Once you've begun to schedule tasks, your project will open up to the right spot the next time you open it up. 

  • If your first task is scheduled in the past or present, the project will open up to "Today" (indicated by a light blue line in your timeline). 
  • If your first task is scheduled for future date, the project will open up to the date where that first task begins. 

If you'd like to change the general start of your timeline, you can do so in Menu > Project Settings > Start of Gantt. (Note: This does not impact your scheduled tasks.)

Moving your entire project to a new start date

If you've already started scheduling out your project and the start date changes, no problem! You can move your entire project forward (or backward) in time, with click and drag. 

At the top of your project, you'll find a thin, gray bar to the right of the project title that spans the entire length of the project. Simply slide the bar forward or backward to reschedule your project in its entirety.

Helpful tip: Projects can be long, so you may find it easier to zoom out a bit first. To zoom out, navigate to the upper right side of your timeline and select the Zoom drop-down. We typically recommend zooming out to Week View at 60% for maximum drag room. 

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