My Tasks View

My Tasks is the best way to keep track of your day-to-day tasks across all projects you're working on. 

When you select My Tasks from the left sidebar menu or simply click the Me icon, you'll automatically be brought to the Daily tab of your dashboard. This will show you all the tasks that are currently assigned to you and need to be actively worked on today. 

Think of the My Tasks view as your own personal task list. You can see exactly where to focus your time and attention so nothing slips through the cracks. And updating tasks that are assigned to you is quick and easy!

Here are just a few of the changes you can make to your tasks from the Daily tab: 

  • Update Progress percentage
  • Comment on tasks and upload documents
  • Update the checklists
  • Track time (if your account is on our Advanced plan)
  • Assign the task to other users
  • Reschedule the task

Note: Your ability to update the items above depends on your permission level within each project.

Want to see how a task fits into the overall project? No problem! View the entire project by clicking on the project's name: 


View your tasks for upcoming days in the week by clicking Today or using the arrows to toggle to past or future dates.

Star your most important tasks by hovering over the task and selecting the star that appears to the right. Then, select Show only starred to pull up all your must-dos for the day.

Choose between simply checking off tasks or updating Progress completion percentage.

Other views

Want a better way to visualize future tasks? View your tasks in Calendar, List, or Gantt view by selecting the appropriate tab at the top. 

If My Tasks is your preferred view, we'd recommend setting it as your homepage

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