How to create a project

Creating a project is the first step to getting work done in TeamGantt! If you're a manager, you have the ability to add new projects. 

There are 2 different ways to do this:

Method #1: From the left-hand sidebar menu, click the "+" button beside Active Projects or click the "+" button next to Me and select New Project.

Method #2: Select My Projects from the left-hand sidebar menu, and click the New Project button. 

From there, you can choose from the following 3 options: 

  1. Create a new project (If this is your first time creating a project, click on the blue Create New Project button to get started.)
  2. Duplicate an existing project
  3. Create a project from a CSV upload

Then it's time to provide some basic project details! Here's what every new project needs:

  • Project name
  • Template
  • Start Date
  • Default view for all invitees 
  • Days of the week work will be scheduled
  • Any items you wish to import

When you're done, click the  Create new project button to add your new project.

Tip: If you created a template out of an existing project, you can create a new project based on this template. This saves time and effort so you don't have to create everything from scratch.

Note: The Free plan is limited to 1 project with 60 tasks. Upgrade to a trial of our Standard or Advanced plan to get unlimited projects!

How to create a project when you belong to multiple accounts

If you're a manager on 2 or more accounts, you'll see a Company drop-down on the Create a New Project page. This menu enables you to assign each new project to the right account. 

Simply choose the right account from the list, and click the Create New Project button. 

Note: Once a project's created in one account, it can't be moved to another. Be sure to double-check the Company drop-down before making your new project!

How to rename a project

If you're the manager on a project, you can give your project a new name by following the steps below. 

1) From the gantt view, hover over the project name, and select the Task Details icon.

2) A project detail window will pop up. Simply click into the project name text field to edit it. Once finished, simply click the "X" that will appear in the upper right corner.  You should see the new project name show up on the project and your  My Projects page right away.

How to delete a project

Note: Only users with manager permissions on the project are allowed to delete a project. 

Some projects fizzle out before they're finished. If this happens, there are 2 ways to delete a project from your TeamGantt account. 

Method #1 - From the My Projects list:

Click My Projects from the left-hand sidebar menu. Hover over the project you want to delete, and click Options > Delete Project.

Method #2From within a project:

Select  Menu > Project Settings, and click Delete Project.

Having trouble creating projects in TeamGantt? Email us at support@teamgantt.comand we'll help you out!

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