Recurring and Split Tasks

There may be times you need to split a task across different time frames with a break in the middle or set up recurring project tasks. 

Here’s how to tackle each scenario in TeamGantt.

Split tasks across different time frames

To split tasks across different time frames in TeamGantt, simply create a separate task for each period of time you need to track in your project.

Here’s an example: 

Note: It’s not currently possible to split a single task into 2 different time frames or taskbars in TeamGantt.

Set up recurring tasks for a project

Here’s how to add recurring tasks to your project:

  1. Create a task group labeled specifically for your repeating task.
  2. Add each recurring instance as its own task within the task group.

This will allow you to map out the repeating task throughout the duration of your project, while also giving you the ability to collapse the group and avoid visually overwhelming your project.

In the example below, we’ve set up a task group for the project’s recurring Monday meeting, with each meeting date added as a single task with the larger task group. 

Note: We don't currently support an automatic process for recurring tasks. 

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